Mean Mr. Mustard's Stadium Cup Drinkware
Mean Mr. Mustard's Stadium Cup Drinkware

Mean Mr. Mustard's Stadium Cup

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One of the all-time favorites, Mean Mr. Mustard's was a legendary bar on High Street. Located near South Campus, many students would spend their nights drinking their favorite drinks at Mustard's.

From a September 25th, 1986 Lantern article: "After a few musical fluctuations, Mustard's has decided to stick with a progressive style, and gets my vote for best music, although the floor overflows with dancers. The clientele is varied, on any given night, you can see mohawks and combat boots, madras shorts and top-siders. There is a 50-cent cover, and the crowd seems representative of the average college student."

Re-live the memories with a stadium cup commemorating Papa Joe's.

Relive the legendary nights at Papa Joes with this stadium cup, specially crafted to embody the unmatched spirit of the Ohio State haunts. Pairs perfectly with a bucket and your beverage of choice.


    • Designed In Ohio

    • Printed In Ohio

    • Shipped From Ohio

    • Plastic Stadium Cup

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