Day 9 & 10: Street Scene & Flying Tomato - 12 Days of Christmas Gifts

--12 Days of Christmas Gifts--

Day 9 & 10 - Street Scene & Flying Tomato
Yep, we got too busy hungover from bday celebration, and missed day 9 of our 12 days, so today we have 2 deals for you. Street Scene (#9) and the Flying Tomato (#10).

Street Scene is still remembered as one of the best pizza options on campus. During its tenure, the joint was famous for its deep dish AKA open-faced sandwiches. Located next door to the Agora, in the 70s it was a popular stop before and after a show.

[See the Street Scene tee]:
Available today for $20 + free shipping.
Keeping with the pizza theme, today you can also pick up a Flying Tomato shirt for $20 + free shipping. The popular bar located at 15th and High is now currently the O'Patio. However more seasoned alumni remember the hotspot as the Flying Tomato.

[See the Flying Tomato tee]:

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